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March 25, 2010


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I download and tried LT 2011 and I found that:

0. The performance is very poor when selecting a non-associative hatch having islands.
To reproduce, set GRIPOBJLIMIT=0 (all grips are selected) and draw a big rectangle.
Inside it draw a closed concave polyline of 10-15 edges (lines and arcs), like a steel wide beam profile.
Array the polyline 10x10, all inside the rectangle.
Hatch the rectangle with a non-associative hatch. Will result 1 hatch with 100 islands.
Select the hatch. It takes 7-8 seconds that the hatch to be selected (!?!).

In order to avoid this delay a new variable HATCHGRIP (saved in the drawing) can be added.
HATCHGRIP=0 for 2008 behavior (1 grip for each hatch entity).
HATCHGRIP=1 for 2011 behavior (grips for all hatch edges).
In order to make the AutoCAD speedy, any user can work currently with HATCHGRIP=0 and, when it needs to edit a hatch by grips, can turn it on temporary by setting HATCHGRIP=1.

1. Draw 2 polylines, overlapped and identical.
Select them. The grips are shown.
Do realtime pan or zoom (using wheelmouse) => gray "+" signs appears at the middle of the polyline segments (!?!).

This happens also with a closed polyline hatched with a non-associative hatch, when both are selected.

2. Turn OTRACK off. Turn OSNAP on.
Set OSNAP "perpendicular" and/or "extension".
Draw a line => at the second point, otrack small cross and temporary line appears, even if OTRACK is off (!?!).

3. Start drawing a revision cloud.
The aperture is displayed even if APBOX=0 (!?!).

4. Draw something.
Set GRIPOBJLIMIT=0 (all grips are visible).
Select using mouse => grips are displayed.
Select using QuickSelect => no grips are displayed (!?!).

5. Create a new drawing.
Make a new layer called 1, having red color.
You will have 2 layers = 0 (white) and 1 (red).
Draw a line. Select it and assign layer 1 to it.
Layer 0 = current.
Select the line. In the layer dropbox, layer 1 is displayed.
Type copy, move or rotate command. Enter => in the layer dropbox, layer 0 is displayed (!?!) even if in color dropdown box ByLayer is red.

6. BEDIT > the window has the correct thumbnail preview.
REFEDIT > the window has a very small thumbnail preview (!?!).

7. Purge window => "Purge all" icon is the old 2004 DWG icon (!?!).

This is a list which cames only after 2 hours of testing !!!

Kate Morrical

Thank you for your feedback. I'll pass it along to our Q/A team.

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