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January 07, 2009


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Frank Reid

The LT program has no 3D functionality so many users like to draw in Isometric for some of their work. I do it also and train others in its use. In my method I use the Circle command to measure a distance. Where a circle strikes the axial line gives a correct distance for creating, say, an Isocircle. But it's slow to have to bring up the Drafting Settings dialog box just to switch from Rectangular Snap to Isometric Snap, then revers the process to continue. My question: Is there a way to place an icon on the main (or other) toolbar which simply toggles this function? Frank Reid in Utah

Kate Morrical

Hi Frank,

The Rectangular/Isometric snap style is controlled by the SNAPSTYL system variable. You could use a macro with the DIESEL "IF" function to toggle between the two styles, something like this:


This macro can be put on any user interface element (toolbar, ribbon panel, menu, tool palette).

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