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November 06, 2009


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This is an example of what is probably a good tip but the question I'm left with is 'why do I need it'? More details or specific examples please.
In paperspace my layout tabs show me that the floor plan is on sheet A2, and the details are on sheets A6 and A7. So why do I need a named view to tell me the same thing? Is this maybe for super large projects like hospitals or highrise projects where you have numerous plans etc?

Murray Clack

Hi MG, Murray Clack here (submitter of tip #2). To answer your question of WHY you may need this tip is to simply help you get from point 'A' to point 'B' quicker.

Have you ever had a drawing with so many layout tabs that they go off the screen? Or maybe you have so many details (or plans, etc) in Modelspace that you forget which sheet/tab it was on? Having Views and Hyperlinks set up simply reduces the amount of time it takes to navigate with your mental gps.

If I am working on a detail in Modelspace, and I need to switch to the Layout tab it is on, I have to: a) remember which tab it is on, and then b) switch to Paperspace and then navigate to the correct tab in case it is "off screen". Simply by clicking on a hyperlink in Modelspace, it not only takes me to the Layouts but to the correct Layout in one easy step (and vice versa when going to Modelspace from Paperspace)


Now I have the complete picture. Thanks for the kind response.

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