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July 30, 2010


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Murray Clack

As a side tip: I have seen user where they have edited their PGP file, reinitialized it, but the new alias' do not take affect. I discovered that the user had TWO copies of the PGP file on their machine, and the current session of AutoCAD was using the copy.

To find out which PGP file AutoCAD is using, enter the following at the command prompt: (findfile "acag.pgp")

It will then list the path of the PGP file so you can find it.

Kate Morrical

Hi Murray,

Unfortunately, "findfile" is a LISP command and is not available to LT users. But Windows Search works just fine to find all the PGP files on a computer, and then you just need to make sure that the path to the one you want to use is in your Support Paths in Options.

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