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October 04, 2010


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Scale lineweights in AutoCAD is still crude. If you study dimensional similitude ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Similitude_%28model%29 ) in physics, not everything scales equally.

Instead of using scale lineweights to plot at 22x34 drawing onto 11x17, I created a new plot style table that steps lightweights down rather than cutting them in half .. e.g. .7 mm to .5 mm, .5mm to .35 I think this yields better results.


Also, when scaling down to 11x17, often it is printed to a laser printer that doesn't do fine lines as well as a plotter.

Another consideration of course is the overall density of the drawing and the amount of fine lines.

Point is, scale lineweights may not be enough and CAD departments may need to put a little more thought into making 11x17 drawings print out well on their intended printer, especially since they are so handy and increasingly popular.

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