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September 05, 2012


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Craig Hemington

Hi Kate
I am interested in getting Revit for our office. Our re-seller gave us a demo and a price for the full version, at $6,000 per seat.
I was surprised to see it will be available in an LT version at a greatly reduced price.
Looking at the comparison chart on the Autodesk web site, the features look the same, except multi user and internal rendering are blocked. For such a price drop are there other features lock out too?
If it is just these two, I would seriously consider purchasing it when available. Are you able to expand on the LT version on your blog?

Kate Morrical

Hi Craig,
Yes, a lot of the features are identical between Revit and Revit LT. Revit LT is designed more for small businesses, though, who have less need of the collaboration (simultaneous editing) tools. Revit LT will also only be available as a standalone license (no network licenses). As you see on the comparison chart (http://usa.autodesk.com/revitlt/features/) some more advanced modeling, analysis, and rendering tools are also reserved for the full Revit. I'll post something next week further outlining the differences.


Hello Kate! Do you have any information about OS X version?

Kate Morrical

No native Mac version, but I believe Revit LT will be supported on Bootcamp & Parallels.


So there is another platform of users to ask:

"What does the LT stand for?"

Light, Limited, Lap Top or (my favourite) Less Techo!

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